COVID19 Update

The health and safety of our patients, the public and our staff is our top priority.

As of March 16, 2020, we closed our clinic due to Covid19 to be in compliance with The College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario.  We have missed your smiling faces,  but it's been wonderful to speak with every patient by phone who's appointment needed to be cancelled.  We are so happy to hear that everyone seems to have upped their game regarding their oral hygiene routines.  WELL DONE AND DONT STOP NOW! 

E-mails and phone messages are still being checked daily, so do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

When you do return to our office things will look a little different and we will be asking patients to comply with new guidelines recommended by the governing health authorities.

Prior to your Appointment-

-You will be asked a series of questions when we confirm your appointment. The questions relate to you experiencing possible symptoms of the virus.  Should you or a member of your household test positive, we will ask you to reschedule your appointment. 

Arriving at your Appointment-

-We ask that you enter (weather permitting) our office through the back entrance.

-Please use the Hand Sanitizer that is provided and if you do not have your own mask/face covering, one will be provided.

-Before treatment our hygienist will take your temperature with a contact free thermometer and ask you to rinse twice for 30 seconds with a 1% Hydrogen Peroxide rinse to help reduce oral pathogens.

After your Appointment-

-Please use the hand sanitizer provided at reception.

-We ask that where possible you pay by tap as our point of sale machine now accepts purchases up to $250.

-Weather permitting, kindly leave through our front entrance to assist with flow of traffic and social distancing.

What Else Should You Expect?

-Our staff will look different as we will be wearing enhanced PPE's (Personal Protective Equipment).  This may include face masks, face shields, isolation gowns etc. to be in compliance with new regulations.

-An air cleaner has been installed to assist with increased ventilation.

-Door knobs and all hard surfaces in all areas of the office will be disinfected between patients. This means we will need to allow extra time between patients, so once again your patience is appreciated as appointment times may need to be adjusted.

-Our reception chairs have new covers and will be socially distanced.

-New guidelines will make things look a little sparse!  We have removed our toy box, magazines, plants etc.  If you are bringing a child to the office, kindly bring a toy for them so they wont be disappointed!

We look forward to seeing our valued patients and continue providing the best in care dental hygiene services as soon as possible.

Stay Positive & Keep Smiling,

Sharon & Team

​Beach Dental Hygiene Studio

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